The Dance of a Lifetime

Watching the bride and groom dancing their first dance can be one of the most memorable moments at a wedding, especially if the pair dances with confidence and grace. Prior to the wedding a bride will make planning her wedding a part-time job. There are so many details to put into action before she says, “I do.” The process will be both exciting and exhausting with the hopes of making her dream wedding come true.

The list might start with hiring a wedding planner, finding the ideal venue, florist and of course saying yes to the perfect dress. She will have to pick the maid-of-honor, recruit the wedding party, and take in all the extra calories from the cake tastings. The financial and emotional pressure of planning a wedding can be stressful and can last for months. It is important to add a little fun and exercise to offset the stress.

After 17 years of teaching dance, I have assisted many couples in preparing for a detail that is one of the most important, but often not taken seriously. Preparing for the first dance will be one of the most exciting parts of  planning a wedding. Theresa, one of my pre-wedding students, said, “I’m really glad we don’t have to resort to the 7th grade slow dance! For my fiancé it’s been the birthday gift that keeps on giving. It has been a very enjoyable extracurricular activity for both of us.”

The dance studio can become an oasis for the couple to escape all the wedding planning demands. Imagine spending uninterrupted quality time in the arms of your finance and building a new foundation of teamwork. The wedding planner and maid-of-honor are put on hold, while the couple learns commitment and patience on the dance floor. There’s a new level of intimacy developed that can be only experienced through dancing. According to, “whether a couple is newlywed or has been married for decades, dance can create a positive change in confidence, communication and intimacy between partners. It’s like couple’s therapy, but far more fun!”

Many couples become confident and impress their families and friends with a fun routine that showcases their personalities. The couple becomes executive directors in telling their love story on the dance floor. Kelsey Borresen from The Huffington Post said regarding wedding dances,I loved seeing how excited everyone around us was and it gave me even more adrenaline during the dance. That was Kyle’s first time performing so he was a little nervous. But he was excited to show everyone what he could do. He was really proud of himself, and I was so proud of him.”

Couples planning a wedding should take the first step to come on to the dance floor, and experience all the gifts of dancing. Make your first dance memorable.

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