Should I take Group Classes or Private Lessons?

It is time for the Salsa group class at a local dance studio. At first everyone is scattered around the dance floor and secretly hoping not to step on too many toes. In a group class, students can meet new people and practice leading and following techniques, but is it the right format for everyone? Each student has different learning styles and might feel most comfortable learning in a private lesson. The key to figuring out the best approach is to know the advantages and disadvantages of both.
Private lessons can be one of the best ways to learn to dance. Unlike a group class, a private lesson will provide the student quality undivided attention. Private lessons will give the student an opportunity to receive custom tailored instruction. The instructor will be able to adapt to the student’s learning style to teach accordingly and better guarantee progress. If a student learns by visual demonstrations the instructor will be able to show the steps side by side or in front of mirrors. A kinesthetic or auditory learner will have different and individualized approaches.
Another attractive aspect of private lessons is the flexibility of scheduling lessons to fit the student’s lifestyle. Being aware of stressors in the student’s day will help the instructor reroute instruction to provide a fun lesson while helping the student relax. Private lessons will usually be the most expensive way to make progress but the student will gain the most confidence on the dance floor.

Group classes will be less expensive and provide an outlet for socializing and learning many different patterns and dances. The classes are frequently taught by different instructors which give the students well rounded perspectives. If singles want to meet new people in a safe environment, group classes are the way to go. While group classes are a more inexpensive option, they can cause learning challenges. An instructor might teach to visual learners with a room full of kinesthetic learners may not help build confidence. The class might move to slow or too fast for the student or they might get paired with partner of a different experience level.

Students need to understand their learning style and if they thrive in classes or private lessons in order to get the most out their investment. Group classes and private lessons are both great forms of learning ballroom dancing but the goal is the find the best option for one’s learning style and budget.

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