Card on file will be charge for any extra fee

Additional Cleaning

There is a non-negotiable cleaning fee of $150 that is automatically added to each rental when first booking with Ballroom Surge. The cleaning fee covers removing trash bags from the facility, breaking down tables and chairs, cleaning of floors, restrooms, and disinfecting contact surfaces. Cleaning fee does not include the following, and charges will be taken from the card on file:

  • Removal of items such as plates, cups, bottles on tables, bars or floors. Removing decorations left behind, including strings that need to be cut and taped. Removing cigarette butts around the premises ($100.00)
  • Cleaning of vomit in or around the premises ($100.00)
  • Cleaning of champagne or alcohol splatter on mirrors or windows ($100.00)
  • Confetti is not allowed in the building. (i.e., balloon confetti) Confetti cleanup ($100.00)

Pictures will be emailed of the evidence of additional cleaning needed prior to charging against the security deposit. The venue has live camera surveillance in the ballroom, seating area and storage room.

Damages to Facility

In an event of damages to the facility charges will be applied to the card on hold Ballroom Surge has the right to capture any extra charges and any other amount to cover damages. Examples of damages to facility and their costs to repair may include:

  • Damage to mirrors and exterior glass panels – repairs start at $1,800
  • Damage to wood floors through scratching surface gloss – repairs start at $100
  • Plumbing due to flushing tampons and paper towels in restrooms start at $500
  • No vinyl wraps or adhesives added to wood floors. Damage due to adhesive glue or binding agents on floors or walls – repairs start at $100

The following are not permitted and will result in a flat fee of $200

  • Indoor smoking (including hookah)
  • Nudity or explicit behavior in the property or around the premises
  • Open flame candles
  • Use of the Bluetooth studio sound system is permitted only through connection via Bluetooth. No outside equipment such as mixers, amplifiers, controllers, or musical instruments are allowed to be connected directly to the system.

Client is responsible for:

  1. The timely entry and exit of all
  2. The behavior and acts of any attendees, service providers, or others that access the space
  3. Ensuring that the use does not exceed any limitations identified in the booking (i.e. max capacity of 100)
  4. Complying with applicable laws

Violations to this policy are taken very seriously, and Ballroom Surge has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to said violations. Ballroom Surge may take legal action against hosts or guests that attempt to circumvent this policy.