Event Information

We communicate with the Renter listed on the Rental Agreement and one other person, otherwise we all risk poor communication and mix-ups. The additional person must be listed on your invoice, send us an email with their info if they are not listed at the time of your rental.

Setup time is the time your door code will activate and you can walk in the door to begin setting up. All timeslots have setup and cleanup time already included. Set-up time also includes unloading of products and supplies to the outside venue or premises, therefore early unloading of products and supplies to the outside venue or premises before rented time is not allowed. U-Haul's are not allowed to be parked in the parking lot prior to event start time.

General example of a party timeline:

  • 1.5 hour – setup
  • 4 hour – event
  • 30 mins - breakdown

Clients are responsible for reading all instructions regarding event; consequently, Ballroom Surge staff will only take emergency calls. (i.e., Plumbing, fire, broken windows or power outages.)

There is a trip fee of $85 if a staff member must come back to the venue to address any non-emergency call issues listed on your event instructions.

Bluetooth Studio Sound System Instructions:

To connect to bluetooth, follow video below and your device will see "B06+" on the device list ready to connect: https://youtube.com/shorts/qWf4VTvMAgc

System is Bluetooth only, and the system will not replace a DJ and not able to connected to directly by a DJ. DJs need to bring their own speakers and equipment.

(Up Light Rental) The up lights are ready to be turned on and last 5-6 hours on a charge, simply press the power switch when ready.

Clean up/Venue Instructions

The cleaning fee covers removing trash bags from the facility, breaking down tables and chairs, cleaning of floors, restrooms, and disinfecting contact surfaces. Clients do not have to put tables and chairs in original location. Balloon garland may be left behind for cleaning crew to remove.

Cleaning fee does not include the removal items such as plates or cups from all tables, bar or floors. Confetti is not allowed in the building. Remove all decorations, such as strings that need to be cut and taped. Leaving decorations, (except balloon garland) cigarette butts around the premises and vomit will result in additional cleaning fees. See Security Deposit Agreement (developer – link to separate page containing text in Word doc “Security Deposit Agreement”) for list of all violations and their associated fees that will be charged against your security deposit.

Before you go/Event End

There's no need to check out with anyone at event end, security will be in to lock up after the last person leaves. Remove all items from tables and leave tables and chairs as is, and the cleaning crew will put them away.

Midday events must be done at 4:00pm. This means everyone and everything out the building. We need to be respectful of all Saturday evening events starting on time and handing over a ready venue.

Events exceeding the rented time will require an additional $150/hr, rounding up to the next hour used.

Important Information:

Wifi- Ballroom Surge

Password - letmeinnow

Here are pictures of all light switches, fans and two thermostats for both sides of the venue: