Waltz / Viennese Waltz

Waltz is another very popular dance. It might be the most popular dance of all time, since it is considered the forerunner of popular social dancing. Developed in Southern Germany in the 17th century, Waltz’s popularity as a social dance blossomed with the music of Johann Strauss (think of the Blue Danube, and other famous waltzes). The Waltz is still a very common dance all around the world. Waltz music has a distinctive one-two-three tempo (three beats to a measure of music) and is very commonly played at weddings and other social events. Viennese Waltz has step patterns adapted to a faster temp of music. The Waltz helps dancers to develop balance and control with Practice, correct posture, and rise and fall motion, the flowing movements of the dance can be developed and enjoyed with the rhythm of the music, and learn how to move creatively, or “play” with steps within the rhythm of the music.