The Foxtrot has been America’s most popular dance since 1913. Introduced by a Vaudevillian named Harry Fox, it quickly became the standard of social dancing. Foxtrot is a great dance for beginners, as it teaches the novice variety, maneuverability, and how to combine steps easily. The music for the Foxtrot is any slow to moderately slow Big Band or pop music song, or “slow dance”. Most pop music is written in four/four timing, which is the rhythm for the Foxtrot (four beats to a measure of music). The mantra for Foxtrot is the classic dance teacher’s phrase “slow, slow, quick, quick”. Much off our popular music is Foxtrot music, and it’s a nice, slow, easy dance during which a couple can even have a pleasant conversation. This is the classic dance for wedding receptions and social events, and wedding couples usually choose a Foxtrot or a Waltz to be their first dance together, predicting a lifetime of slow, easy, romantic cuddling.